Elect Asa Sarver
A Dedicated Advocate
For Sisters Schools

Elect Asa Sarver for Sisters School District Board of Directors, Position 4

As a current Sisters School Board Member, I believe school is a formative experience for all kids, and I want the students in Sisters to know they are supported. I will work to ensure policies are in place for strong educational access for all, as well as awareness of an ever-changing job market.



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About Asa

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Asa Sarver is a dedicated advocate for Sisters Schools

My biggest priority is keeping Sisters Schools the best public school system in the State.

My oldest son is in 3rd grade at Sisters Elementary, and my youngest son will start kindergarten there in the fall.

In my view, the best way to advocate for all kids in Sisters is by being proactive and involved in the community.




“As the parent of children in the Sisters School District and a current School Board Member,
I understand the day-to-day challenges our educators face. ”


"In the time I've known Asa, I've been truly impressed by his work ethic and dedication to supporting the quality education our children receive at our Sisters schools. "


Jennifer Letz

Sisters City Councilor

"I want to go on record as endorsing Asa Sarver for the office of Sisters School Board, Position 4. 

Asa has shown dedication to the Sisters community by engaging public support and community involvement. I have seen Asa support our community sporting events, involvement for the future of our city parks and supporting our elementary school by volunteering as a member of the Sisters Parent Teacher Coalition. 

Asa has proven to me that he will address these issues to support our children’s future. "


Jason Ellison

Deputy Chief, Black Butte Ranch RFPD

"As a member of the SPRD board of directors, I understand the importance of working hand-in-hand with members of the school board to improve the lives of children in our community. I support Asa Sarver for Position 4 on the Sisters School Board for three reasons: 1. he is a proven team player; 2. he is the only candidate with school board experience; and 3. he is the only candidate with kids currently in Sisters public schools. I urge you to cast your vote to keep Asa on the school board."


Jeff Tryens

"I want to go on record as endorsing Asa Sarver for the office of Sisters School Board, Position 4. Asa currently serves in this position and has worked many hours learning the ropes of what it takes to be an effective School Board Member. He has shown his commitment to the Sisters community by being involved as a City Parks Board member, showing great leadership skills and thinking outside the box ideas to help further the Parks within our community. He volunteers as a coach for his children’s soccer and Little League teams, which show commitment not only to his own children, but children of the community.

Asa is a person who excels at collaboration, and he wants to make sure every voice is heard. He will work to ensure that Sisters Schools stay as the top district in the State. I believe Asa Sarver is the best person to serve in Sisters School Board, Position 4."


Molly Baumann

Sisters Community Member

"I whole heartedly endorse Asa Sarver for Position 4 on the Sisters School Board. As a former educator and SSD Board member myself, I know the time, dedication and curiosity it takes to be a contributing board member. Asa has done his homework. He understands the roles and responsibilities of a public school board member and has made it his business to learn about budgets, public meeting law, policy setting and school bond over sight.

Asa is not afraid to ask hard questions, listen to differing points of view and look for creative solutions. I predict Asa will continue to be a well-informed decision maker and a cheerleader for all Sisters students."


Kay Grady

Former SSD Board Member and educator

"Asa truly cares about the community and schools and has done a fantastic job as School Board Member"


Eli Madrone

Sisters Elementary Parent and Local Small Business Owner

"I endorse Asa Sarver for Position 4 of the Sisters School District.  Asa has been in the position for almost two years and has on-the-job experience understanding the needs of the students, teachers, parents, and staff. He has devoted many hours to developing sound working relationships within the School District and the Sisters Country community as a whole."



Craig Letz

Sisters Elementary Parent